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Guardian ad Litem Program

Who We Are

The Guardian ad Litem Program trains volunteers who are interested in advocating for the best interest of children who are caught up in the confusing legal system.  If you have a sincere concern for the wellbeing of children, the ability to be objective and non-judgmental, the ability to interact respectfully with people from diverse economic, educational and ethnic backgrounds, and have good verbal and written communication skills, you can help a child! 

What We Do

The Guardian ad Litem Program trains community volunteers who are appointed by a district court judge to investigate and determine the needs of abused and neglected children in the custody of DHHS.  You, along with the Guardian ad Litem attorney, would be paired in court to advocate for the children's best interest.  Volunteers' responsibilities include digging for details in the case, collaborating with other participants in the case, recommending what’s best for child by writing court reports, empowering the child’s voice, staying vigilant by constantly monitoring the case, and keeping all information confidential.